Ok nothing amazing, HOWEVER! I was making sure I knew what channel MTV is on, and when i flipped to it there was an ad for the Hills and then they talked about the VMAs and guess what was playing in the background? B.B. Good!!!!!! OMJ SO HYPER NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEEE AND OMJ IN THE CORNER THEY"RE PLAYING STUFF ADVERTISING THE VMAS AND THE JONAS BROTHERS WERE ON IT AND JOW AND OMJ!!!!!! HEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

off to study now. 

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas....

So it's 10:12 and it's not even 60 degrees outside yet!!! How freaking awesome is that!!!!! I'm wearing a jacket and a scarf. But scarf will have to stay home when I go to class cuz it doesn't match my jacket. heeee!!!! I LOVE COLD WEATHER!!!! 

ooo and this morning I got up and was getting ready ( aka sitting on my bed staring at the ceiling) and my roommate pounds on my door and is like OMG COME HERE!!!!! There were hundreds of birds outside, it was like The Birds and the sky was black and creepy. It was awesome. 

So yeah, I've pretty much decided that today is listen to awesome Christmas music day. And Joy to the World ( A Christmas Prayer) is the best one EVER! Probably followed by Run Run Rudolph or maybe You me and a christmas tree or maybe Girl of my dreams ( hee JBS!). Anyways....I have chem class in 45 minutes and I Just had kool aid and now I'm hyper. HYPER! ooo and I have BSU tonight! YAY!!!!! And I KNOW people now so it will be even more fun!  oooo and there's a job fair today too! Maybe I'll get a job and I won't have to use my leftover money to buy plane tickets for halloween!!!! I HAVE BIO LAB TODAY!!!!!! *is trying not to be a creepy stalker*  Ok...trying to settle down.....I think I'll go bug roommates now. 

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Modesty is just so hard to find... i'm speechless over the edge I'm just breathless. I never thought I'd catch this lovebug again. 

Thursdays are so busy! Class from 8-850, from 11-1230, from 1-150, and lab from 3-550, and THEN my advisor wants me to do pre vet club from 6-8. hm yeah, no. 

Want to know what I learned today? I'm in Ag Careers...which is just what the title says it is. It's supposed to broaden our career interests. Anyways we were talking about what it takes to make a steak and my prof ( who digresses A LOT) was telling us about how one of the....beef production cow killing plants close to us is one of the largest in the region. One semester they went on a field trip there and he said there were carcasses sectioned off and when he asked why they were away from the other carcasses the manager guy told him they tested positive for tuberculosis so they had to be left alone for a certain amount of time before the TB virus left the bodies. And guess which company bought them to make food? Swanson. Yeah that big TV dinner company. Yeah, I don't eat TV dinners but now I'm going to be anal about my roommates eating them because that is GROSS! The meat is clean, but do you really want to be eating meat that tested positive for stuff and had to sit in a freezer for a while before the virus died off? yeah. Gross. 

I was also amused today. I'm taking soil science which is really interesting and today for our lab we got to classify dirt. Which means we got to make and play with mud. It. Was. A. Blast! Seriously. I have mud on my jeans and it's all over my notebook. And then I started to think about the Jonas Brothers ( I do not have an obsessive JB disorder, yeahh) and I was like Kevin and I are the same age. He's performing in a rock band and being adult-like, heading his own corporation, calling all the shots and I'm playing with mud ( and enjoying it). I feel so immature now. :( 

So the wind is currently blowing at 31 mph and the little cute baby tress they planted in the courtyard are almost bending all the way over. It's pretty sad. 

Death Glares

My. Roommates. Keep. Trying. To. Tell. Me. Season. 4. Spoilers. I only got through 4 episodes with them before I had to come into my room to escape the " Hey Holly guess what?" "What" " I was online and read this thing about season 4..." " SHUT UP I HATE JO AND WANT HER TO DIE" yeah. They wouldn't let me talk during No Exit, but I did anyways. Seriously Jo is SOOO annoying. You're going to buy me dinner after this right? Freaking whore. gah. ooo and they got mad during Simon Said cuz I kept bursting out GABE!!! and OMG GABE IS SO ADORKABLE!!!  But he is! You just want to hug him.  ooo speaking of Supernatural my roommate is under the impression that I like abusive guys because I said aggressive Sam is hot. wtf? He is hot but that doesn't mean I'm going to go to the local jail and marry an inmate. *rolls eyes* I've always liked church boys which is more than she can say. *cougheveryguyshehaseverdatedhaseventuallycomeoutoftheclosetwhiledatingher* Anways that was kind of mean.....

It rained allll day today, so right now we're under a flood warning. I wish I knew how to upload pics from my phone cuz I got this one of a semi driving down the road and there was so much water that when he drove through it the water splashed into the air and nearly went over the roof of the cab. It was cool. And sonic is flooded like mad crazy. Yep. But the rain meant that there was no labor day pool party today. :( I wanted to go and play whiffle ball with the foreign exchange students and then go watch a move in the club house when it was dark. *sigh* 

I'm reading the city of ember and it's really boring. My bro is like "dude those are the best books ever! You need to read them! I'll send them to you when I'm done reading them!" and yes my bro says dude cuz he's cool. Anyways I'm reading the first one and I'm bored but I don't have the heart to tell my brother that.  The people in it are like communists and it's just weird. And i refuse to believe that it is the only city left on the earth. 

gonna getcha if it takes all night you can bet your bottom dollar in time you're gonna be mine. hee! I heart this song.

I'm singing in the rain....


So I went shopping with my roommates today at wal mart and on the way there it was thundering badly. Big ominous black clouds were in the sky but eh, it's portales. What's new? So we get into wal mart and it starts to freaking DOWN POUR and there was this spot in the cereal aisle where the roof was leaking. We kept shopping and we were smelling dish soap when the power went out. o.m.g. Talk about creepy. It was pitch black and we were stuck there in the dark for a few minute before they made us go up front and wait. Then we got hyper and started to sing veggie tales for amusement. Yep. It was fun. 

oooo ok know what's cool? This girl I met last night at bible study group is in my feeds and nutrition class and we have the same major and eee!!!! I have someone to walk to classes with now. :D 

Roommate still doesn't know who Jared is. Seriously. We're watching Supernatural right now. I think she'd figure it out. 

Right now we're being lame and having a Supernatural party. We have enough junk food to make any one an instant diabetic. Yeah it's gross. I want salad. Not this. I also kind of want chips for some reason. 


OOOO there's finally a rich text on here for Safari!!! YAY!!! ( I hate firefox and IE...I prefer safari) Anyways...

I have a chem exam tomorrow. I haven't studied nor do I plan to because I figure I'm going to fail anyways. I talked to my advisor and he's like well I'm good at organic chem, but no inorganic. Meh. I'm GREAT at organic but not inorganic. *sigh* Just need a C to pass and I plan on getting A's in everything else so it doesn't matter. 

 Tonight was FUN! I went to a bible study group on a whim ( cuz i'm turning into super nerd) and it was quite amusing. We didn't do anything. We picked a book to study and then talked about stuff. Like weddings. Oh yeah. People here are turning me into the sap ( along with the help of the JoBros...making me have feelings. geeesh) and they finally got me to talk about what I want. hee hee. Everything will be white, including the Lippizaner ( in case of the unavailability of Lippizaners insert Clydesdale here) horses I plan to have pull the white ( incase of Lippizaner absence insert wood of choice matching the hair of the clydesdales here) carriage away. Yep. That is why I'm never getting married....I won't be able to afford my wedding and I will not have some crap shoot one like my aunts *twitch* bad memories. 

My roommates are funny. I walked in and they were like OMG! Where did you GO?! Did you go on a date? OMG YOU WENT ON A DATE?! *to other roommate* Who does she like? What's his name. hee hee I said Jared and walked away. Only one of them got it, the other one is still thinking about possible Jareds she might have introduced me too. I'm not saying anything. *stares at sam poster* 

I'm now officially a member of three organizations. I feel so social. :D Pre Vet Club, BSU, and now...Bible Study group? Yeaahhh now I just need a job! 
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My Feeding and Nutrition class was totally taken over by cowboys today. Duh, it's an Ag class. There will be cowboys...but I mean they TOOK OVER today. I sit in the back with the other shy people ( one of them is a guy from Canada! How awesome) Anyways, these cowboys came and took over the whole back today. And they kept chewing their dip and cussing and just UH! That's so unattractive. So needless to say I was quite annoyed and I don't think I got all the notes. *death glares*

In chemistry we found out our class is over a month ahead of the other classes. So we had the day off, only we now have an exam on friday. Suck.

I officially LOVE my biology lab. For one it has a whole 6 people in it. Two, I have it with my roommate. I don't like that roommate but it's still cool to have class with someone you know. Three, can the TA get any more adorable? Seriously. Grad student, like two years older than me, complete dork and spaz. I might possibly have an innocent little girl crush on him. hee hee.

I went grocery shopping alone. That was FUN. Only not really. So now I have food. yay. Only food sounds gross right now. lalalalalala. Now I have a few minutes to eat and change before I get to go to the BSU.  I'm way more excited than I should be...but maybe it's because I'll be around Christian people, and not my athiest roommate ( who I love, but it gets annoying when you mention religion and she's like I'm atheist. Ok...I know that. You've told me over 23 times) So yeah. Excited! Especially since I missed last week thanks to my friend here who was like "let's go see the illusionist at the CUB". Yeppers. Exccciiittteeddd.

oooo we have officially recruited a new fan of Supernatural! I thought that both of the roommates I like were fans, but apparently only one was. The other had only read the books. So yeah, she is now addicted and has been making us watch Supernatural everyday. Which is good because I had kind of turned my back on Supernatural for the Jonas Brothers, but now my obsession is almost even. *coughobsessionforkeviniswaytoounhealthycough*

You were like the blonde chick in the munsters...

...we're watching Supernatural. Bugs to be exact. It's quite amusing, and yet not really keeping my attention. I think the people I roll with here ( hee hee I feel gangsta like Joe)  are nerds like me. I'm doing homework ( writining about Potatoes, and apple pie. No joke. I have to list the Ag Industries involved with each one), roommate 1 is measuring plastic fossils for lab, roommate 2 is writing fan fic ( it has over 10 chapters), and girl who likes sn too is directing a fake choir. Yeah. Nerds.

I saw Tropic Thunder last night cuz it was free for college students and there were like a million of us in there and the ac broke before we got in there so it was freaking hot. The beginning of the movie is freaking hilarious. Then towards the middle it's like omg just END! But then you get to the end and it's amsuing. So yeah, I might have to see it again when it comes out on dvd. ooo and when we were waiting to get in it was seriously like we were in gilmore girls. The city center is small and gg like. It was crazy.

Ok so financial aid. I was supposed to get my money today, but nooooo. NMSU never cancelled my fin aid there even though I withdrew for teh fall back in July. So....I get my tuition scholarship today but that's it. That'll keep me enrolled but I still owe money for my apartment and books, which is coming from scholarships which I can't get until NMSU cancels everything there. GR! After that's paid I'm supposed to have left over money to buy stuff with but noooo. Now I have to wait like three weeks for money. Which means I have no money for food or anything. And mah daddy hasn't called me back yet. siiigghhh. So yeah. crappy day.

I have this class....Careers and Orientations...which is a freshmen level class so I was pissed when I got there and there were freshmen ( cuz I do not like freshmen) but I found out 3/4 of the class are juniors and seniors!!! YAY!!!! And the class is wicked easy which is awesome.

Vile iPod dock

In Dallas we had a retarded iPod dock that was posessed because Fred Lane was in the building. Now I'm assuming that Fred Lane is in my apartment complex because my ipod dock decided to turn itself on. Yeah. Not cool. Freaked me out. Wouldn't be so bad if people wouldn't have been telling me ghost stories about the campus all day. *glares* So now I have an adrenaline rush and can't sleep.

I think I'm going to study Chemistry now. My advisor is so nice. He decided that putting me in an upper level chemistry class this semester would be a smart thing to do. Actaully I like him cuz he pushes us to our full potential, but now I have to actaully make an effort in chemistry. One of my least favorite classes ever. What did you do last night at 3am? Oh I was studying chemistry cuz ya know my ipod dock decided to turn on by itself around 1 and I had this wicked bad adrenaline rush that wouldn't go away.

Just FYI.......hugs are overrated and Yo Ho A Pirates Life for Me rocks because Kevin sings a lot in the song. kevy kevy kevy. I really should become obsessed with someone in not a rock star or actor *coughjaredcough*

You say high and I say low.......*drools*
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The Ring of Fire

homg!!! Last night I went to wal mart with my roommate and her friends and one of them loves supernatural as much as I do which was pretty freaking sweet. Then on the way home we stopped at Sonic (which is disgusting) but luckily no one took our order so we left and this girl was like HOMG THERE"S A HAUNTED CHILDRENS HOME HERE!!!!! We proceeded to drive to said hospital and we were making up the script on the way there. That place is so effing creepy. I wanted to get pics but I was too afraid to actaully go near the thing or enter it ( besides the fact that there were huge NO TRESPASSING signs everywhere). It reminded me of the house from Ghost Facers only bigger and creepier. So yeah, Supernatural should film an episode here. It would be sweet. And then when we got back we watched Bloody Mary at like 11 which was freaking creepy when our closet doors are mirrors. Yeah. But giant Sam and Dean kept me safe with the help of Kevin's mad guitar powers. hee hee.

Today is hot, which means it's gross because it's humid here. But it's all good because I heart this town. Tonight I get to go to work with my roommate and attempt to find a job. Not too sure if I want to work at the library...but I like money and don't want to work in Clovis so I'll take whatever I get.

Lovebug is probably the most distracting song ever. I was in Biology today and it got stuck in my head and I couldnt' pay attention ( which is ok cuz I know everything we're going over right now) but still. I was trying to play the chords in class and probably looked really stupid.

I. Am. So. Hyper. I had a Cappucino when I got home and now I'm like kldfjiowhenfsjdfndskfdfd!!!! My roommates are trying to get me to give up caffeine. I will give up soda and red bull since that stuff isn't hard to give up. But I like cappucinos sometimes when I'm tired since I stayed up until 1 watching Supernatural when I had to get up at 7 this morning. Yeah. No touchy my cappucino mix.