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1 day!

yay Wendesday! I have so much to do today! I have to finish cranes, wash my messenger bag cuz I had it on the floor in lab yesterday and I'm afraid it's like contaminated or something, make my shirt, do laundry, pack, STUDY because Hiro decided we need to have an exam next week ( garlsnark), I might possibly go to the Ag Expo with Jessie, AND I might go to BSU, plus I have genetics lab and AH! I also need to find people from pre vet and make them all go to the library so we can go online at the same time and register for Illinois ( yes, I'm going to the University of Illinois for some pre vet conference next month. We get to do labs and meet with profs, and it's gonna pwn. Only we have to drive...and we're driving straight through.  16 hours. Meep)  I love busy days, but sometimes they suck out loud! oh, and I have to clean so when I come home on Sunday I can just chillax.

Last night I went to bed at 10..ish...and I woke up at 1:30 and I was so freaking hyper and alert. So I did hw until 3 then I finally fell asleep. I had the weirdest arse dream ever. I was at NMSU with the roommate I had there and we were sleeping, then I felt water drip on me. So I woke up in my dream and the AC vent was above our beds and it was torn apart and had arrows drawn over it pointing to pipes. I woke up my roommate and we noticed our hands and feet were chopped off, but there was no blood. Then some creepy dude with a mask comes into our room and is like fjiosdhoubdsvken sDIE! We start to scream and this guy comes in and scares the creeper away. We notice that our hands and feet have grown back so we get up and go into the common area. For some reason all of our families were there and they were like POSSUMS! Find the possums! And raccoons! Then he'll die and he'll stop hurting us! Then we spend forever running around the hall finding possums and killing them, but two got away so the RA was like there's gonna be a sequel. I hope we're all graduated when it airs, so we don't have to see that creeper again. Then we went back into our room and someone was telepathically talking to me and telling me what to do for my micro lab and then I heard Joe singing Gonna Getcha in the background and woke up because the alarm on my phone was going off, which meant it was time to get up. argh! WEIRD!

Errmmm yeah. Oh! So my bacteria! Hee! I'm such a nerd. We're going through some...book or something in Micro that lists all the known bacteria and what they cause and blah blah blah. Today we talked about gram positive cocci and bacilli and I was like hee! Those are mine! Andddddd they might possibly be dangerous. Especially the cocci I have because the culture is gold, and in class we learned about this one kind that grows gold in cultures and causes all kinds of problems. HEE! YES! Now watch me infect myself and die. 


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