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2008 is over! I quite liked 2008. What did I do in 2008? hmm.... I wasted the first four months of it at UNM. I spent 3 days and over a grand at a Supernatural convention. I got to meet Jared Padalecki and other Supernatural people. Then I survived 10 weeks of living with apartment mates that smoked dope. Survivla was made easier by a new found obsession over the Jonas Brothers.  I spent a week in Rio Rancho hanigng out with friends and shopping for Jonas Brothers stuff before going to Portales. In Portales I joined clubs and made friends the first 4 weeks I was there, before spending a week at home while my mom was in the hospital. I went back to Portales and spent 2 and a half months obsessing over a certain boy from the east coast and hating/loving a guy I worked with. I went to a Jonas Brothers concert in Las Vegas. I got drunk for the first time. I got all A's for the first time EVER in college. I turned 21. I discovered the love that is converse and captain morgan. I illegally bought people alcohol ( twice!). I became a fan of Honor Society, Demi Lovato, Wizards, Camp Rock, decided I want a tattoo and that I love scarves. I got this aweosme ring with geckos on it for my birthday and it immediatly became my purity/promise ring for myself. The promise being not to loose track of my goals and forget who I am despite who I hang out with. So here's to a new year!

I dont' have any resolutions, I have goals. A resolution you have to keep for a year, a goal you can keep until you acheive it. So goals are better.

1. Go to another Jonas Brothers concert ( because it's like stress relief, and makes me so happy)
2. Go to Disneyworld or Disneyland ( since I've never been to any American disney parks and apparently they "pwn")
3. Decide what I'm going to do with my life.
4. Be myself
5. Speak my mind and stop being quiet. Which means talking in my Ag classes and showing those stupid cowboys who's boss.
6. Study for the GRE
7. Try Absinthe
8. Go on a roadtrip
9. Get married JOKING
10. Get a pair of RayBans
11. Actaully make an effort to find a church I like.
12. Get my own apartment.
13. Tell my Dad how I feel
14. Visit grad schools
15. Go green
16. Have fun

Yeah that's it, nothing interesting has happened in my life. That's the result of being a blob over break and doing nothing productive.  I did go to Peter's house and I played beer pong and flip cup and drank tequilla and coke and stuff. I also participated in the rescue of a Jonas Brothers display. I'm happy to report that Kevin is doing well, he's happy and healthy and has been adopted by his abductee. That's about it though. New Years Eve was pretty boring. I had mountain dew and crown, I put too much crown in so I was tipsy after I drank like half of it. Then I tried fosters and nearly threw up, I don't remember it being that gross. I've been online since noon today. Yeah. I have no life. Oh well!
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