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Get off that Cake!

It doesn't feel like Christmas was only 3 days ago. It feels like a year ago.

The day after Christmas my mom had this brilliant idea that we should go shopping. Yeeeaahhhh. ok. When we left the house it was snowing and hailing which was kewl. Then she was like oh we have to go to Michelle's house (her boss) because we made her a cookie platter and we needed to get it to her before the end of January. So we went there and she lived by the petroglyphs so it was cool because they were all covered in snow. Thhheennnnn we went to the bank ( homg amazing) and to Sam's to look for something but we couldn't find it so we had icecream. haha. Thheennn we went to Toys R Us and my brother became probably the most spoiled 11 year old ever. He had like 75 bucks in giftcards there so he bought legos then got my mom to buy him a freaking 100 dollar lego set. Then we went to the mall and couldn't even find a parking spot it was so packed, but we did eventually find one. So then we went into the mall.

And we went into Old Navy because "santa" gave me a gift card there and I was looking at sweaters and I saw some of Apryl's family and then I kept shopping and eventually Apryl came and gave me a present that I had to open in the store. It had duck tape on it and glue and it was an evil wrapping job, but it was worth it because it the Bonus Jonas Edition of Jonas Brothers. hee! Yep. Then Apryl left and I got back to shopping, I got bored though and only got three shirts because there were too many people around for me to like you know look at everything they had. ooo ok and there was like this giant sale and I got three shirts for like 15 bucks. Awesome. tthheeennn we went into other stores and I was supposed to get jeans but that's boring when there's like a million people everywhere. I also failed at finding a coat so we went to burlington coat factory...

...and that store pwns because they have plaid pea coats and parkas and other coats. It was awesome. They didnt' have a read plaid coat though, but I foudn a gray and blue plaid pea coat which was awesome so mummy bought it for me. I also found a plaid parka like twill like coat thing that was cool but it was like $250 and yeah....that's too much for a coat I think. Then mummy got me two or three pairs of jeans because they were having a sale too! ooo sales! annnddd after that we went to wal mart and I got something else but I don't remember what.

Then the day after the day after Christmas (yesterday) I saw HSM3 with Apryl and her sister and her sister's friend. Ok, HSM3 is AMAZING on the big screen. It's like GIANT ZEFRON!!!!! SO HOT!!!!!! And Corbin isn't bad either anymore. I like that movie now. oh, and my parents were like we want to go shopping will you watchJustyn? and I was like no, I have plan. So my mom was like *whispers so dad can't hear* I'll give you 50 bucks. So she did. But guess what? It all got spent on freaking justyn. He wanted candy then he wanted popcorn, but then the kids meal popcorn was too small so he got like a medium popcorn or something ( which I ate...because it was good) anndd dyeah. 

Then we went to Keva Juice and hung around with Peter and her annoying ( no offense) co worker Bartok. I had a dominic's mom haha, it was awesome. It also made me hyper because it had red bull in it. ooo then I convinced my mom to get my bro because he was just bugging me. So she did. Then my phone was almost dead so I got her phone...and I was bored....so was Apryl. We texted Peter and told her we liked the way she handled the ice cream scoop and had her convinced we were a random stalker guy. Until we started to quote demi and then I was like OMG CR CUPS!!!!!! THat was fun.

Apryl and I walked aroudn teh whole entire mall. oh em gee. We looked for scarves and shoes and foudn a lot, and of course the store with the coolest scarves was effing expensive. 30 bucks for one scarf. yeeaahhh. no. hmmm thhheennn we found kaesha and bugged her. We also got breadsticks and ate them by the Jonas Brothers 3D Concert display. It was hot. Kevin was hot. Nick was hot. Joe was hot.  Then we got Peter and came back and saw Bedtime Stories for free  ( because she's a smooth talker. j/k) It was funny. seriously. And the stair case was soooo the one from the ALBL album shoot. I beleive it's in the Pushing Me Away picture thing. at least it is on itunes. 

After that we bugged kaesha more then went to wal mart where we helped Peter fufill her life long dream of organizing the dvds in the 5 dollar bin. It was amusing. I finally got the Rolling Stone poster and Peter got Fight Club ( because it's the bestbook ever and one of the best movies ever. CP pwns. Duh) thhheennnn uhhhhh we went to peters house! And met Ashtray! She's so tiny and cute! Then I took Apryl home....then I came home....and got online and eventually got tired at like 330. But I coudlnt' sleep until like 430. I got up at noon ish. And my parents were gone and now they're home and being anonying.

For example...my mom made me put all my presents in my room. The scarves and clothes I can hang up. Butttt the bins and tupperware things and books and posters and stuff don't hang on a coat hanger well. yyeeaaahhhh. Now were de christmasfying. YAY!!!!!


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