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Stupid JoBro leg is forcing me to write a post about Vegas. *glares at a certain person*

Ok, Friday morning I woke up at 5:30 and couldn't get back to sleep because OMG ROAD TRIP! So....I printed out directions which I ended up leaving on my bed, what a waste of time. Then I drove to Apryl's house. I forgot how far away she lives. Anndddd I passed Kaesha's house too and was like HI KAESHA only you know, she didn't hear me. Then Apryl came outside and her dad had to re pack the trunk so her suitcase would fit with mine. muwahaha. I love big suitcases. Apryl then go to drive since I don't like driving. Thus began the journey to Peter's house. BTW ignore all the typos I'm too lazy to fix them.  

Corrales is so awesome, I love it. But finding Peter's house was crazy! We finally found her street but then we couldn't find her house, so we turned around and just parked in some random person's driveway which meant Peter had to walk to the car. Anndddddd then....oooo! Then Apryl gave me her JBS book to look at. heh heh. So many hawwwtttt pictures of the boys. It was like HOMG LOOK! Only I was tired so I was like *crickets* and didn't say anything. We finally got out of Albuquerque and began our long tedious journey to the city of sin. We randomly pulled over on some res so Apryl could so something, I don't remember what and then we all woke up and started to talk and Peter made an awesome playlist on my ipod. It contained A LOT of journey, but that's ok!

The drive was quite cloudy I must say. It was like CLOUDS HOMG CLOUUUDDDSSSSS. Yeah. So there was this rest stop place we stopped at for one of our marching band trips, and we ended up stopping there. They had random crap. Like hats with bears and foxes and wolves and horses on them. They also had this magnet that didn't make sense at all. aaannddd they had giant pens and evil two sided puzzles. They also had a wooden Indian that Peter so needed to buy but she didn't. I'm sorry a 5 ft carved indian is a normal household item. DUH! ooo and they had random like magazine things about the beatles and elvis AND in the bathroom we found a placemat from the restauraunt that told you how to draw holly! So now people know how to draw me.

Thhheennnn we drove some more and listened to music and Peter put her feet on the arm rest and it made me laugh for some reason. We also made signs and named the trip. " The not so sinful journey to Sin City". HEE! I also ate a 6 month old gummy bear. It took over 5 minutes to chew and tasted TERRIBLE! But I do believe I was DARED to eat it, so I had to.

Then we got gas and there were scary mexicans at teh pump next to us. I hate Gallup...Grants? One of those. Then Apryl was EVIL and MADE ME DRIVE! So I drove for a looooooooonnnnnnnnngggggggggggg time. Past random Arizona crap all the way to Flagstaff. I pulled into a gas station and then we made Peter drive. We ended up getting lost becacuse that place is crrazzyyyy yo!

Drive drive drive. I fell asleep and I'm not too sure what people did to me. Then I awoke anndddddddd we drove some more until we got to Hoover Dam and we went through security and Peter blasted the JBS! hee hee. Then we sat in a traffic jam for an hour and forty minutes..........so............we called radio disney, left the JBs a message, played Chinese fire drill, Peter did "synchronized" swimming and did eye of the tiger ( it was funny), then she fell asleep and I got bored and Apryl was bored and the whole world was bored. THEN TRAFFIC BEGAN TO MOVE! drive drive drive. We got to the hostel and it was scary and gross ( to me) and there were random people we had to share our dorm with. And the check in guy was weird, so was the guy that was like "come bar hopping" or whatever with us, no. Then hot Australian guys helped us open the gate to the parking lot ( they were smokin) anndddd then Apryl drove to the strip. The strip was like 6 miles away but it took over and hour to get to the MGM.

There were these really tall guys that passed our car, they were taller than Jared. I think they were aliens from MIB. Fo sho! anndddd yeah. We saw all the wedding chapels and casinos and FINALLY got to the MGM where parking was FREE!

We walked around the MGM, got food, found the water fountain of life, and then found the garden arena. HEE GARDEN ARENA! OMJ! and then we were like lalalalalalala done with MGM, but not done unti Peter found a guy that dressed like Jow and she got a pic with him. We then went outside of the MGM and Peter took off her hat and danced for money in front of the golden lion thing. It pwned. Seriously hats off to her! ooo and before that she posed like a statue in the MGM and people were like wtf?! And she stared at the JBS poster for forever...anyways. We went to New York New York, it was weird but starbucks gave us free water so that rocked. THen we walked along the strip. Walk walk walk belagio, treasure island, ceasars palace blah blah blah. The water show thing at the Belagio was cool, and that resort was really nice and it had like posh stores and a moving sidewalk. I'd so stay there. walk walk walk then I got pissed off at all the stupid idiots form a certain country that WOULD NOT EFFING WALK! and yeah. I wanted to kill them and all the people handing out cards for "girls direct" and I Found it funny that the only people actaully talking to the people handing out the cards were mexicans. anywho we went back to the MGM ( it's a LOONNGGG walk) and I drove back to the hostel and we fell alseep.

sleep sleep sleep







AT THE MGM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Then teh stupid little kids hogged the awesome floor of awesome! So we couldn't step on the fish or make sparkles come or do anything awesome. ARGH!

We went to the Luxor and Excalibur and yeah. Just like all the other casinos/resorts. The Luxor was awesome, and had hot corvettes. Seriously, I was about to drool they were so hot. Back to the MGM!

We sat in line for FOREVER! I don't even know how we passed the time. We swapped phones, made fun of the stupid people around us, read, "shopped" for merhandise and hid in the bathroom, then the worker people were like LET"S MAKE THREE LINES AND MAKE HOLLY PETER AND APRYL CLAUSTROPHOBIC AND ANGRY! There were so many stupid people in line with us. Apryl went to get food and got us food too which was awesome. So we ate our food, it was good. But the toys it came with were clowns. SCARY!

This girl had this notebook she made with letters and poems to the JoBros and she had her name and JOnas painted on her nails. It was so stupid, and her friends had balloon animal hats andyeah. Apryl coined the phrase Jo Bro Hos for all of the annoying arse wipes that were there. Then to piss people off we did a three way call to each other and dissesd on the JBs and talked about how miley was better. And then we talked about how Peter's birthday was the day before? I can't remember exactly but we got all into it and then Apryl and I got fake pissed because we didn't get invitations to her party. ( I think it was a Camp Rock party) Then the Jo Bro Hos were giving us seriously evil looks , it was awesome.

This big group of fags at the front of the line decided that singing JBs songs would be a good idea. Yeah. Not so much. They sounded like dying heifers, which they all were anyways. Peter kept making snarky comments to them when they paused their screeching and then she got a bunch of us to yell shut up. It was awesome. By this time my drink was gone, Peter thought it'd be awesome to throw the cup of ice at the group of heifers. haha. I SO would have let her if I wasn't afraid of getting caught and thrown out. If we had gone to the 3 showing I so would have because we would have already seen the JBs. OOO! And Peter wanted to dump her drink into the bag of the girl with the annoying notebook. If her iPod wasn't in her bag...I think I would have helped. That girl was a first class chubi. For real!

Then they removed the ropes and a stampede of JoBroHos ran into the security search part of the arena. So much fun walking through metal detectors. Then we got to wait some more before going into the actaul venue. aanndddd oh! There were these annoying girls behind us in the crowd of people waiting to get our tickets scanned and this girl was like "homg open the doors already" so we were like "homg open the doors already" and then the girl was like Oh no she didn't just copy me! It was hilarious. And there was this guy with a HSM 2 cap. He was probably our age I think...he was just a *little* on the gay side. THen the girls behind us got pissed because we got to go through the little ticket scanner revolving walk through thingy before they did. yeah.

HEE SEATS!!!!! OMG! So we walked down these stairs to the ground level BECAUSE WE HAD FLOOR SEATS BITCH! And yeah, the arena was enormous and we got out seats and sat. Then I was like I have to jump and Peter was like I need to put my lipstick on soooooo we went to the bathroom. The little walkway we tried to exit through apparently wasnt an exit and some security dude was like ladies, this is not an exit. know what it was? THE FREAKING WAY TO THE FREAKING MEET AND GREET! Anywho....

We went to the bathroom and when we were walking out I noticed these dividers right outside the bathroom door. So I was like hmm I feel lik ebeing nosy ( this was before I fully comprehended the lay out of the arena) so I looked through the gaps of the dividers and realized it was the meet and greet...AND I SAW A FREAKING JO BRO LEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I THINK IT WAS KEVIN BECAUSE IT WAS PIN STRIPED AND IT WAS OFF TO THE SIDE WHERE HE WOULD STAND!!!! Because he stands on the left hand side if you're him, right hand side if you're facing him and jow is in th emiddle and nick is on the other side AND HOMG JO BRO LEG!!!!!! KEVY LEG! and actaully I didn't freak out like that until now. If I would have met them I would have been cool and clam because I got over my celebrity freak out spazness when I met Jared. I was all smug like yeah, that's right, I saw a jo bro leg. muwahahahaha. And now it's just fun to spaz about. I must say it was a sexy leg, Kevin took sexyback. yeppers.

Ok so we get back to the arena and...we're sitting next to girls who were actaully cool. They were in line with us and hated the jo bro hos and annoying little girls and yeah. They were cool. So we sat and we were bored. we played with Apryl's cranes ( were hoping if we send them 1000 cranes they'll give us free tickets) annddddd yeah. Played with cranes, sang along with the music, talked....bleh bleh bleh.

Then Honor Society came on! HO MY FREAKING GOSH! Mike ( the lead singer) Is hot, so is the drummer Alexander, and the Bassist Andrew HE"S SO FREAKING HOT FIRST BLONDE GUY I"VE THOUGHT WAS THAT HOT IN A WHILE! Ok so their music is awesome, especially see U in the dark. So they performed and it pwned. Oh, and they dress freaking fantastic. Bowties and vests and just seriously. They pull of the whole gentlemen thing. ooo I should post their youtube because they have a thing they do called the gentlemen's club, it's awesome. Here it is.

I'm not sure if that worked but whatever. ermmm....oh DEMI!

Ok I didn't like Demi THAT MUCH until her album came out and I was like ooo! I like her even if she is 4 years younger than me her music is relatable. Ok umm I dont remember her set list. She did that's how you know, that song is so sweet. Does he take you dancing just so he can hold you close?! HEE! andd she did trainwreck and get back, and Don't Forget just about killed me. On the album that song is heartbreaking but watching her face during it was just like...I seriously nearly teared up. Sorry Apryl Im posting your videos, well some of them, but I'm giving you credit. gah!

ok So hopefully that video works. So yeah Demi rocked and I screamed and the world was awesome. 

Then we waited.......for forever.


And they went straight into that's just the way we roll and it pwned. I could give a recap of every song.......but yeah. it'd be like 25 paragrpahs 
of this


So they just rocked, best band I've seen perform. I think I alway say that...but it's true. They had better stage presence than FOB or 
Plain white tees, or cute is what we aim for....evne better than SC. Yeah, they got so into the concert and they still act like they're not t
this huge world wide band. They still seemed in awe of us. 

The girl sitting next to Peter was a douche and wasn't even into the concert so Peter was screaming in her ear, it was hilarious. The girl
next to me was getting annoyed with my screaming too. Towards the middle of the concert she started to cover her ears with her hands
which I mean I don't blame her, I was pretty much screaming NON STOP! BUt she wasn't even bouncy or waving her hands around.....
maybe we were all just overly hyper, I do'nt know but...look I'm babbling. 

Jow and Nick took of their shirts and ran around in their undershirts while kevin only took off his sweater and ran around in his button up.
I wanted to see his hotness. tee hee. ummm yeah. Foam, dancing, hands tears.

OMG! So 2 songs I have to talk about.

Don't Close the Book....awesome song by the JBs and Honor Society..

A Little Bit Longer....Nick's speech was so effing powerful. That boy is gonna be great when he grows up. I didn't know if I wanted to cry or
appalud him. It gave me chills.

We had a goal to loose our voices by the end of the concert, but my throat just hurt really bad when it was over. My ears also felt like someone stuffed cotton in them. So....we waited around for ages. There were 9000 tweens stampeeding out, so yeah. Didn't want to get killed by them. We did get out eventually and we blasted Jonas Brothers on the strip and screamed bloody murder at people and had a good time. 

We got back to the hotel at aroudn 1? We had to get up by 6 the next morning. not. fun.

So Apryl woke me up and I was like wtf is going on? But I got up and we got her off to the airport and Peter and I began our journey home.

Frist off, I forgot directions so we had to find our way out of Vegas and onto I 93. But it wasn't that bad. Peter fell asleep before we got to the lake/ hoover dam thing. It didn't take long getting out of there though. 

Then I drove and I got really tired. So I put my ear buds in and blasted music to keep myself awake. All the while I was forgetting that Demi's cd was in the cd player so Peter's sleep was tainted with Don't Forget for like 4 hours. 

Then we got to Flagstaff and Peter and I went to Jack in the Box ( which by the way the Taco is still in my car and so is your Dr Pepper, an dit's frozen and hilarious so I won't throw it out yet) anndddd yeah. We met one of her friends there and talked about Twilight and the concert and it was fun. And they had good food, so that was a plus. 

We had to get gas in Flagstaff and it was hilarious. First off the pump wouldn't work. Apparently Peter had to like answer questions that the pump asked her? I dunno. 

And then when we were leaving the gas station Peter pulled into the wrong side of the entrace/exit to exit. Like ok, the right side is for people leaving and the left is for people coming in. And she got in the left side and it was seriously just hilarious. It was the best thing ever. And we were blasting Jonas Brothers, whcih made it even ebtter. And we screamed at people too. Yeah. hee! 

drive drive drive. We played N*sync and the backstreet boys and music I haven't heard in ages. We also screamed at people, and ooo! We saw someone from Rio so we made a sign saying Rio Rancho Rocks! And Peter honked to get their attention. Yeah, I know I had fun comin back. We sang loudely and didn't care how bad we soudned because our voices were effed up anyways. 

We stopped at some random gas station/ casino place and we found belt buckles and purses/ cd cases made from Texas license plates. They pwned. We danced there too, Peter more than me. but I did dance. 

We finally made it to Albuquerque and we blasted the Jonas Brothers and Demi and screamed as loud as we could. When we got to Peter's work our voices were terrible. hee hee. When we were turning onto Corrales road from 528/Alameda we had Demi blasting and this truck pulled up next to us and his window was down so we screamed and he rolled it up. IDIOT! Driving through corrales while blasting music is fun. so then we dropped Peter off and I went home.

My dad's parents were over so I ate with them and then I went to bed because I was tired. My dad woke me up at like 3? And was like I have to take your mom to the hospital because her stomach hurts really bad ( ok we thought it was her lesions or whatever that were bleeding in September, and it was but they were just like irritated so they gave her protonics? and yeah she came at like 9) SO yeah, I missed class on OMnday and I was pissed. I sound like a chubi but it's like my dad doesn't realize I'm in college and I need to go to class. We have grandparents at home that can take care of my bro ( even though he is my responsibility and yeah, I' like his guardian or something so I should be there for him but still. Class...finals next week) So I got hi mup and off to school then I raced to my school and just a crazy day. And I saw Michael and yeah, that was cool. 

Yeah so um school. Almost done. I just have 3 finals and I'm done. Can I be a girl? Thank you.

TA is 22. Michelle was talking about how her bdu's from 12 years ago still fit so she wasn't going to buy new ones ( since she's getting out of the AF in like 4 months) And he was like wow that'd be like my wearing clothes from when I was 10. So yeah, 22. I'm nearly 21. I never like people that are that close to my age. Sigh. I miss him, I miss knowing that at least once a week I get to see him and talk to him. He's a geek like me and just perfect. I'm not as fond of him as I used to be, but I guess I'm still fond. If I wasn't fond I wouldn't have this crazy idea of leaving a christmas card on his car before I go home for break....

Ok so the concert like....it fixed me. I was so emo and depressed and just blech before the trip and now I'm happy and bouncy and back to myself. So yay for trips! I declare one trip must be taken each semester so I won't be down all the time. Next semesters trip will be the 3D movie. 

Ok I think post is long enough and boring enough so...bye! 


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