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 My heart is going to EXPLODE!!!!!!!

It's 49 degrees outside, I just got back from lunch at the BSU AND OMG THE WEATHER HAS MADE ME SO HAPPY/HYPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

It's just the thing I needed right now, and I have a feeling that if i could go confront my problem today, everything would be PERFECT!!!!!!!!!! Only good things can come from cold weather, you get to wear awesome clothes like jackets and scarves and vests...and you get SNOW!!!!!!! 

Oh and just a funny thing, my problem is a polar bear!!!! Problem was wearing only jeans and a t shirt today when I saw him. Darn it, why must I compare Problem to a polar bear? Problem is cute like one, but saying Problem is like a polar bear just takes it to a whole new level of affection! BUT I DON"T CARE BECAUSE IT"S COLD AND NOTHING IS GOING TO BRInG ME DOWN TODAY!!!!!!

*loud laughter*

So in short, I LOVE the cold weather. And the ladies at the bsu might have put crack in my burrito!!!



Sigh, this cold weather is screwing with my mind. But I LIKE it!!!!

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