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I like dreaming when my dreams are good, I hate dreaming when my dreams are awesome but involve the one thing I hate about myself right and the person who is making me hate myself. GRRRR And then you wake up from this amazingtastic dream and it's like....real world. So then you're like just let it go, but you can't because the dream you had is everything you want. Brain is going down. And know what's pathetic? I keep having this urge to take out the trash, cuz it's right by where I'm assuming said person lives. *hides under ball cap* Get me when my world is back to how it should be.

Wait there's more!!!!! I keep worrying about next semester because I won't have class with said person, so I won't ever see them. So it's like...I should talk to them now, but how do I talk to them? I never really talk to people, especially people I don't know because I'm painfully shy. So I really should just let it go, but I can't because I'm retarded. *back to hiding under ball cap*
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