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:D I went shopping yesterday and bought a ton of clothes. Seriously. The mall here is wicked expensive for clothes ( not for shoes, Converse were only like 40 bucks!!! I need more...have to feed this addiction) so I was only able to get a shirt and a vest at the mall and then i went other places and got jeans and others shirts, some scarves, AND A BLAZER!!!! Omj the blazer is amazing and I feel so preppy and awesome when I wear it. I tried shopping for rings too, but that FAILED! I'm not paying 500 bucks for a ring, sorry. 

HEE VEGAS IN NOVEMBER!!!!!!! HECK YES!!!!!!!!!! Camping out in front of the MGM, good tickets to the concert...it's going to best the best vaca EVER!!!! 

I gots a jobs yesterday, at Hobby Lobby. ( I have this fear of crafts so it's probably not the best place for me, but seriously when only 4 places are hiring around you you have to take what you can get) SO YAY!!!! I start tomorrow!!!! So I might possibly be able to go to Cali for Halloween now...I'll just have to be like yo, boss. I got plane tickets that I can't exchange I need the 31-2 off. K? Thanks. Bye

And.....I might be able to drop my chemistry class!!! YES!!!! Since I'm dropping pre vet emphasis I don't need it, and since I'm stupid with chem it'd be a good thing. I just have to clear it with my advisor tomorrow morning when I make up my quiz. :D 

HEEEEEE Lab today!!!! Then BSU!!!!!! and I think my roommate is dying or something because she's been ditching class and she's been all mopey, so if she dies or drops out I GET THIS SIDE OF THE APARTMENT TO MYSELF!!!!!!!!!! HEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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