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Vile iPod dock

In Dallas we had a retarded iPod dock that was posessed because Fred Lane was in the building. Now I'm assuming that Fred Lane is in my apartment complex because my ipod dock decided to turn itself on. Yeah. Not cool. Freaked me out. Wouldn't be so bad if people wouldn't have been telling me ghost stories about the campus all day. *glares* So now I have an adrenaline rush and can't sleep.

I think I'm going to study Chemistry now. My advisor is so nice. He decided that putting me in an upper level chemistry class this semester would be a smart thing to do. Actaully I like him cuz he pushes us to our full potential, but now I have to actaully make an effort in chemistry. One of my least favorite classes ever. What did you do last night at 3am? Oh I was studying chemistry cuz ya know my ipod dock decided to turn on by itself around 1 and I had this wicked bad adrenaline rush that wouldn't go away.

Just FYI.......hugs are overrated and Yo Ho A Pirates Life for Me rocks because Kevin sings a lot in the song. kevy kevy kevy. I really should become obsessed with someone real...as in not a rock star or actor *coughjaredcough*

You say high and I say low.......*drools*
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