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I'm living with fan girls!!!!

They might be Dean girls but I don't care!!!! ( Because we all know that Sam is AMAZING) My roommates and their friends LOVE supernatural. Not as much as me, they didn't know what KAZ2Y5 was, but they have seen every episode and own every song from Supernatural, so they are FANS!!!! REAL FANS!!!!And they don't find my signed posted and huge poster scary AT ALL!!!! *high fives* Freaking SWEET!!!!!! I just hope the rest of their habits and personalities are as cool as their supernatural obsession. haha.

ETA: Their favorite episode is Faith and Born Under a Bad Sign and Tall Tales, and they both write fan fic! Seriously, SWEET!!!!

AND...A friend of mine from high school who I had in all of my AP classes lives 2 floors above me!!! So we took a walk earlier to get parking passes but they were closed.Silly police. But still, it's awesome to know someone who I actually like here.

Portales is a smalllllllllll town. It only has like 11,000 people. So it's not Vega small but it's small, however I heart it. It looks like all those towns you drive through in Texas when you go to dallas ( oh and both of my roommates are from Henrietta which is a town you go through when you go to Dallas from NM, yeah how sweet is THAT?!) so it's small but I love it. I also like the weather, it has been rainy the whole two days I've been here and everything is GREEN, i forgot how pretty green was.

Now i'm eating an apple with organic peanut butter ( my JoBro snack) and hoping that this is not a dream and that my stay here is going to be a pleasant one. I need to go hang up my supernatural posters and my awesome new posters of Kevin *drools*
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