Adios 2009

Dear 2009, I'm almost sad to say goodbye! You've been quite good to me.

I'm not saying you were all rainbows and puppy dog tails, you had your moments. I lost a friend my age, and watched others around me deal with the death of loved ones. You brought on many questions, deep thoughts, serious conversations and stress, but through all of it I came out stronger in the long run. 

In January I got to spend time with family and friends followed by a trip home in February for a movie premiere, where I tried nasty jelly on popcorn and painted my face in a theater. In March I got introduced to an amazing group of people who were part of a college ministry, they would later become my close friends and the ministry ended up becoming my life. I road tripped it for 16 hours to the University of Illinois with two friends for the national pre vet symposium. There I got offered to spend the summer in the Caribbean working at a vet school, an offer which I ended up turning down. I got to know my roommate/"sister", Amanda, on that trip. The rest is history. In April I worked with the college ministry to put on our "Party in the Park" for the university, and low and behold the local children's home was doing an event in the park on the same day. That was the first of my tugs towards working in the children's ministry, a tug which eventually ended up being a call. In May classes ended and I moved in with Amanda, and we started a summer of crazy college parties and good times all around. May 30th - August 7th saw me working with no days off, but the time flew by and I made time to be a crazy college kid and STILL make it to work the next day. I got my Boxador puppy in July, he was just 6 weeks old and tipped the scales at 7 lbs. He's now 7 months old and weighs 55 lbs. September brought me back down to earth as classes fully got into session, Pre Vet club started back up and my Vice President position kept me busy, I joined the FFA and got pulled into all the Ag drama. Paradigm ( the college ministry) go back into gear and consumed my life. October brought on the beginning of a wonderful friendship with a guy from paradigm. I attended a leadership conference in Glorietta and finally accepted the calling to children's ministry. School and all my activities continued there. November continued the growth of that awesome friendship and brought on many deep conversations. Thanksgiving came and went and lead straight onto December, where I spent the first week taking all of my finals but one. I went with some friends from paradigm and the youth from church to a hockey game in amarillo where I finally got to achieve my dream of playing one of the games on the ice between periods. Luckily I had my friends with me. I also got put on the screen for dancing between plays with the same friends. After that I said goodbye to my Portales family and came home for Christmas break. And that about sums everything up in a big nutshell. 

2010, I'm am excited to see what big things you're going to entail. I'm expecting big things to happen, and I'm positive they will! I can't wait to see what I have to say a year from this very moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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 Wow, I haven't been on here in quite a while. It's fun to go back and re read stuff I posted in the past and see how I feel about those things now. It's almost alarming to read my last few posts and realize the college ministry group I mentioned is now pretty much my whole life, and the people I talked about are now included in my closest circle of friends. It's crazy where life leads you, I love it!

I've decided to start writing on here more, if anything it will help me remember things and give me something to do during class next semester.

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 My heart is going to EXPLODE!!!!!!!

It's 49 degrees outside, I just got back from lunch at the BSU AND OMG THE WEATHER HAS MADE ME SO HAPPY/HYPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

It's just the thing I needed right now, and I have a feeling that if i could go confront my problem today, everything would be PERFECT!!!!!!!!!! Only good things can come from cold weather, you get to wear awesome clothes like jackets and scarves and vests...and you get SNOW!!!!!!! 

Oh and just a funny thing, my problem is a polar bear!!!! Problem was wearing only jeans and a t shirt today when I saw him. Darn it, why must I compare Problem to a polar bear? Problem is cute like one, but saying Problem is like a polar bear just takes it to a whole new level of affection! BUT I DON"T CARE BECAUSE IT"S COLD AND NOTHING IS GOING TO BRInG ME DOWN TODAY!!!!!!

*loud laughter*

So in short, I LOVE the cold weather. And the ladies at the bsu might have put crack in my burrito!!!



Sigh, this cold weather is screwing with my mind. But I LIKE it!!!!

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I like dreaming when my dreams are good, I hate dreaming when my dreams are awesome but involve the one thing I hate about myself right and the person who is making me hate myself. GRRRR And then you wake up from this amazingtastic dream and it's like....real world. So then you're like just let it go, but you can't because the dream you had is everything you want. Brain is going down. And know what's pathetic? I keep having this urge to take out the trash, cuz it's right by where I'm assuming said person lives. *hides under ball cap* Get me when my world is back to how it should be.

Wait there's more!!!!! I keep worrying about next semester because I won't have class with said person, so I won't ever see them. So it's like...I should talk to them now, but how do I talk to them? I never really talk to people, especially people I don't know because I'm painfully shy. So I really should just let it go, but I can't because I'm retarded. *back to hiding under ball cap*
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:D I went shopping yesterday and bought a ton of clothes. Seriously. The mall here is wicked expensive for clothes ( not for shoes, Converse were only like 40 bucks!!! I need more...have to feed this addiction) so I was only able to get a shirt and a vest at the mall and then i went other places and got jeans and others shirts, some scarves, AND A BLAZER!!!! Omj the blazer is amazing and I feel so preppy and awesome when I wear it. I tried shopping for rings too, but that FAILED! I'm not paying 500 bucks for a ring, sorry. 

HEE VEGAS IN NOVEMBER!!!!!!! HECK YES!!!!!!!!!! Camping out in front of the MGM, good tickets to the's going to best the best vaca EVER!!!! 

I gots a jobs yesterday, at Hobby Lobby. ( I have this fear of crafts so it's probably not the best place for me, but seriously when only 4 places are hiring around you you have to take what you can get) SO YAY!!!! I start tomorrow!!!! So I might possibly be able to go to Cali for Halloween now...I'll just have to be like yo, boss. I got plane tickets that I can't exchange I need the 31-2 off. K? Thanks. Bye

And.....I might be able to drop my chemistry class!!! YES!!!! Since I'm dropping pre vet emphasis I don't need it, and since I'm stupid with chem it'd be a good thing. I just have to clear it with my advisor tomorrow morning when I make up my quiz. :D 

HEEEEEE Lab today!!!! Then BSU!!!!!! and I think my roommate is dying or something because she's been ditching class and she's been all mopey, so if she dies or drops out I GET THIS SIDE OF THE APARTMENT TO MYSELF!!!!!!!!!! HEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 SO WHY DO WE GET TV FROM AMARILLO AND WHY DOES SUPERNATURAL COME ON AT 7 HERE AND 8 IN RIO? AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get that we live 13 mies away from Texas....but......Rio gets it at Portales gets it at 7? waahhh hoowww whneenkdlsj kflds jfioeksdhfnioekdshnfidkvncidkjfmd. I think I'm excited, but I also think I'm mad because I don't like my schedule to be changed randomly like this. And I'm mad because now no matter what I Have to record it!!!!!! Because my club on Thursdays starts at around 7!!!!!